How Exercise Is Vital To Your Well-Being


The assumption that health and fitness clubs are a high-risk environment for COVID-19 infections is widespread. While we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 in fitness centers—or anywhere in society—evidence suggests health clubs are not primary drivers of transmission, and that the exercise and social support they provide are vital to health and well-being.

Eat the Frog Fitness is committed to our members’ health and wellness.  As the pandemic reached across the globe, Eat the Frog Fitness rose to the forefront of the fitness industry to establish 15+ Important Steps to Ensure the Health & Wellness of our members, trainers and staff.

We are sanitized and offer social-distance sessions.

1. New Smaller Sessions

2. Temperature checks of all staff and members daily.

3. Spatial Guides in every studio to ensure proper social-distancing.

4. Fixed stations for every member.

5. Zero equipment sharing.

6. Thorough sanitizing of all equipment after each session.

7. Nightly deep cleaning of the entire studio, bathrooms, showers, lockers and public areas.

8. Germicidal UV Lights and enhanced air filtration added to HVAC system.

9. Ample supplies of hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and wipes are available.

10. Limited areas for gathering in our lobbies.

Ask us about our stringent operational practices we’ve implemented to ensure your health and wellness.

Eat the Frog Fitness is science based, athletic-inspired training that works around your schedule.

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